Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Speeding Legislators

The State Legislature started up this week - you didn't have to read the paper to know this. All you had to do was pull over and stay out of the way of the speeding Legislators on the turnpikes. Those tags with the "S"s and the "H"s were zipping down the pikes at 80-95 mph. All the new legislators must have gotten word already that Oklahoma Legislators made a law that exempts them from speeding laws if they are going to or from a Legislative session or meeting. I think they call it the Gene Stipe Law.

I'm afraid the only way the Legislators will ever repeal this stupid law is after one of them kills some innocent family on the road. Even then, I doubt if they'll give up this "perk".
Surprise!: Don Nickles Hooks Up with Energy Firm

According to the Tulsa World outgoing US Sen. Don Nickles has been elected to the board of directors at Oklahoma City-based Chesapeake Energy Corp. The election of Nickles to the company's board puts him in the company of former Republican Governor Frank Keating and Aubrey K. McClendon and Tom L. Ward, the company's co-founders and largest individual shareholders. Aubrey and Ward are the same two men who recently bought (with $1 million in soft money campaign donations) newly elected Senator Tom Coburn - the Republican that replaces Nickles in the Senate.

McClendon is quoted as saying, "We are extremely pleased to have Don join Chesapeake's board. In a time of growing political debate about the country's energy policies, we will particularly appreciate his in-depth knowledge of energy public policy." Or maybe "Don" can lean on buddies in government to get us what we want? The cozy revolving door relationship between fossil fuel energy interests and the Republican Party leadership gets cozier everyday.

Governor's Home in Need of Sprucing Up

The Governor's Mansion needs some linens, a flat screen computer, and a refurbished family dining room - or so says the Friends of the Mansion. A recent wish list sent out to Oklahomans lists a range of improvements and gadgets they seek donations for. The list ranges from $5,000 for a play area to a mere $800 for two 3-gallon coffee urns. A letter was sent out, under the signatures of Governor Brad Henry and his wife Kim, on December 16th inviting people to become a member of the Friends of the Mansion for a minimum of $1,000 per year.

I found $8.50 in my pocket that I'm sending along in case they need a can of Pledge.