Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Love Them Guns!

The Oklahoma Legislature, in its wisdom, passed what they call the "Legal Protections Granted to Gun Owners and Their Employers" House Bill 1243, by Rep. Greg Piatt, R-Ardmore. This bill, which employers opposed, allows employees and anyone else to keep weapons in their cars and trucks at work - even if the company has banned weapons from its property. This makes it a lot easier for a just-fired worker to go out to his truck, get his gun, and blast his former boss into the next world. What is the Oklahoma Legislature's solution? Write a law to remove the company from any liability when this happens! We wouldn't want to actually address the problem would we? Let's just create a hazardous situation and remove all responsibility for the inevitable outcome. Idiots.

This ought to make it real easy to attract all those big employers to Oklahoma!