Monday, February 21, 2005

George W Bush's Divine Appointment

After years of attending an evangelical megachurch OkiePundit is familiar with the nuanced political signals buried in the sermons so it was with both relief and disgust that I listened to Pastor BJ's frank monologue on Bush and the Middle East this Sunday. He came right out and said it this time; Bush is exercising a divine appointment to open up the Muslim Middle East to Christian proselytizing.

The President is under a divine assignment from the Lord to open up the Middle East to Christianity. We are in a place of divine appointment. Our President is criticized today but those who criticize him will wake up one day and understand his wisdom. Russia was first to be opened up and the Middle East is next - and then on to China.

At this point the Pastor had a missionary straight from Indonesia address the congregation to tell us that the church's mission in Jakarta sent five student missionaries to tsunami-racked Bandah Aceh to pour Christian healing into this oppressed area where almost everyone is Muslim. The implication from an earlier sermon was that the region was hit because it was largely non-Christian and would continue to be oppressed until it turned to Jesus.

Then the Pastor turned to finances:

"You must do well in your businesses so you can serve in the realm of financing - to accelerate the coming of the Lord. As a church we must grow our own millionaires to help finance the harvest of souls. In every industry Christians are rising to the top. The End Time Transfer is upon us now."

Although anyone who listens to the Evangelicals should know that most of them support America's recent aggressive foreign policy and pro-Israel positions it is rare to hear the leaders state that the support is based upon a belief that God has selected George W Bush to clear the way for Christian inroads into Muslim areas. Nevermind that the evangelicals' objective is not served by the war in Iraq and our unswerving support of Israel - they believe against all evidence that it is.

George W Bush may have been reelected in part because of this rarely spoken of and unrealistic dream of Christianizing the Middle East. The fact that so many religious fundamentalists could actually believe such an outcome was possible is cause for considerable concern. How out-of-touch with reality on the ground can they be?

Sunday, February 20, 2005

OkiePundit's Least Favorite TV Show Picks of February 2005

  1. O'Reilly Factor
  2. Chappelle's Show
  3. Blue Collar Television
  4. Jamie Foxx Presents
  5. Anything on Fox News
  6. Dennis Miller
  7. Crossfire
  8. Larry King
  9. Tucker Carlson on PBS
  10. At Large with Geraldo Rivera