Sunday, September 15, 2002

Americans get beat up a lot in the foreign media so it's a relief when someone comes to our defense. A Leftist Briton has some kind words in this article in The Spectator.

It is a mild evening in Oklahoma. The weather has changed in the last couple of days. Rain and cooler temperatures, and autumn, have arrived. This is the best time of year in Oklahoma. To all of you Oklahoma expats around the world - wish you could see your home now.

No, the Cubans I discussed in yesterday's post were not caught yet. At least Fox News hasn't reported on their detention yet. I watched the news until 2 am last night but either Castro gave the Highway Patrol the slip or Homeland Security is keeping their arrest a secret. Wouldn't that be weird if "my" Cubans ended up detained at Guantanimo on Cuba?

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