Friday, October 18, 2002

Simpson of the Tulsa World

In today's Tulsa World the editorial cartoon by Simpson featured three people in silhouette. One was identified as a supporter of Steve Largent, another a Brad Henry supporter, the third as a Gary Richardson supporter. In each figure we could see the brain cavity of the person, and their brain. None of the cavities were completely full but the Largent supporter had the most grey matter. The Richardson supporter had so little it was hardly visible. Brad Henry's supporter was half-full, or was it half-empty? I cringed when I saw the cartoon. Simpson is almost always good - better than most of the nationally syndicated political cartoonists - but I thought this one might go over the line a bit. If, however, he was trying to make the point that we don't really have any one candidate that a non-partisan voter with any brains can support wholeheartedly - then he was right on target.

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