Tuesday, January 07, 2003

What's Going on With Lt Governor Mary Fallin?
Oklahoma's Rasputin Takes Charge of Lt Gov's office

Word from the Capitol is that Lt. Governor Mary Fallin and her chief of staff, Michael Levy, forced all of the staff of her office to submit resignation letters this week. An unknown number were accepted. This method of getting rid of employees denies them unemployment benefits. Nice, if you have no principles.

Levy, like the two chiefs of staff that preceded him, has a reputation for cold political calculation and Machiavellian tactics. Sources at the Capitol say he has alienated most he comes in contact with. Others question why the Lt. Governor has a penchant for selecting overbearing chiefs of staff that seem to have a strange degree of control over her. This seems to be yet another case of a politician so hungry to continue in office that she puts her principles and good gut feelings aside to allow political hacks to control them. Mary Fallin is a good person that has lost her way. OkiePundit hopes she gets back on track.

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