Tuesday, February 18, 2003

The Axis of Confused Principles

William Safire has a good point about the China-Russia-France-Germany Axis inconsistency in principle:

For the past year, the central message that Saddam's protectors have been sending to the United States is: Do not "go it alone." On the contrary, take the multilateral route. Seek the world's support through UN consensus.
But when it comes to the weaponry menace on the other side of the world, the message of Paris-Berlin-Moscow-Beijing is exactly the opposite.

Safire points out that the Axis is telling the US to handle the North Korea problem on its own while telling us not to handle Iraq on our own. Beijing and Moscow have been particularly unwilling to lift a finger to help with the nuclear madmen in North Korea, in their own backyard. Russia and China are too interested in business opportunities in North Korea and don't want to spoil their chances.

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