Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Snow-Goofballs & Lotteries

Snow is falling in Oklahoma again but the weatherman says it won't accumulate much. I expect therefore, that I will not be able to find my car in the morning.

Senator Frank Goofball has filed Governor Henry's lottery bill. Goofball also filed bills to overturn the people's vote to ban cockfighting. The Baptists are rallying their forces to defeat the lottery that Henry hopes will fund the education shortfall. I can't make a call on this one yet but I think a lottery has a chance of passing. Still, Baptists outnumber teachers in Oklahoma - but neither of these groups are exactly flush with money. The lottery will not solve our problems - economic development will - but the Gov is cutting the budget for economic development. Bad move.

I've lived in states with lotteries. The worst part about a lottery is the barrage of lottery advertising citizens must suffer through day in and day out - 365 days a year. The media has got to love all the advertising money a lottery will bring them. The media will endorse a lottery therefore.

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