Saturday, April 19, 2003

A "Diversity" of Opinion on Radio in Oklahoma?

NE OKlahoma finally gets an alternative to the far-right radio of KRMG and its even more far-right radio. KFAQ Radio picked up Michael DelGiornio from KRMG and also has put together a line-up of other screaming extremists like Michael Savage and the not-so predictable but predictably rude Bill O'Reilly. I was flipping around on the radio dessert for something worth listening to tonight and came across a radio "personality" on KFAQ I had not heard before, Laura Ingraham. I caught her monologue as she was into a horribly biased discussion on Islam. I won't even go into her lame opinions on Islam vs. Christianity but suffice it to say it was uninformed.

Is all of American radio talk as looney toon far right and hate-filled as what we get to hear in Oklahoma? Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't listen to far-left shock radio (does such a thing exist?) either but we don't have that choice in Oklahoma. Wouldn't level-headed and informed talk radio be wonderful? What would it be like if we had talkshows featuring intelligent moderates willing to weigh issues from all sides? Why can't we have that? In the meantime I'll listen to NPR.

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