Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Unwanted Spam Faxes

It's bad enough getting all the unwanted spam in our mailboxes but can you believe the lowlifes that send advertisements to your fax machine? I don't know how these creeps get people's personal fax numbers but I know I don't give my fax number to ANYONE but family - still, I get an average of one unsolicited ad by fax at home every day. Today I recieved one advertising a "Rapid Weight Loss program by "Dr. Michael Bouchard". There is no address or no way to get off their fax list - at least the sender does not identify how to. They do give an 800 number to call to order their junk but I'm too wary of calling to tell them to stop sending me this stuff - I've heard too many stories of people unwittingly getting charged telephones fees by calling certain numbers.

This is worse than spam because it uses up expensive ink and paper. It should clearly be illegal.

But, I did file a complaint with the FCC. You can easily do this in about 3 minutes at the FCC's online complaint center.

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