Thursday, August 21, 2003

Freedom of and from Religion at Stake in Alabama

Although this isn't directly about Oklahoma it could, but for the grace of God, be happening in our state ....

Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore’s attempt to defy the federal courts and keep a Ten Commandments display in the state Judicial Building may be nearing an end, according to Americans United for the Seperation of Church and State. This broohah has cost Alabamans a lot of money already and Judge Moore is determined to drag everyone along with him as he behaves badly by pushing conflict between Americans on religious issues.

But the money isn't the most important issue at stake. If Moore and his supporters had their way the US would edge toward becoming a Christian theocracy. They don't use those terms of course but let's not kid ourselves about their real agenda. They want to force everyone to recognize their religious beliefs as the standard - as the recognized religion in America. If we don't stop them we will all pay a price in freedom down the road.

Many Christians realize that gaining government sponsorship can be the kiss of death for their church. These Christians look at what has happened to the official churches in Europe and realize that when the government gets involved in religion - both suffer. In fact, in Western Europe, membership in the "official" churches has dropped dramatically in the last century.

It is a relief that Moore seems to be out in right field on this and has no support in judicial circles. Nonetheless, Moore's supporters pose a threat to our freedoms and we need to take that threat seriously.

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