Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Stillwater Awash in Texans

I continue to get rumblings from Stillwater that new OSU President David Schmidley continues to move old Texas buddies in to replace Oklahomans in his administration. The dissatisfaction has moved from the faculty into the Regents, a couple of whom plan to challenge Schmidley to explain the magnitude of the Texas influx. One regent said it was normal for a chief executive to bring one or two old colleagues in with him/her but that Schmidley has gone far beyond what is normal. Whitehurst, the OSU building where the administration is housed, has become known around campus as Texas Central.

Latest talk around campus is that Schmidley plans to bring another Texan in to run a new community outreach program or project he is putting together. It wouldn't seem to make since to start a new outreach program to communities with an out-of-stater that lacks knowledge of the state. We really do have some smart people in Oklahoma Mr. Schmidley.

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