Thursday, October 23, 2003

Last night there was, as usual, nothing at all on radio except bad music, Dr Laura Schlesinger (sp?) and "the Savage Nation". So I tuned in to Savage to see if he was still as looney as usual and sure enough, he was already worked up into a vein-popping frenzy over criticism of General Boykin's religious statements. I don't listen to Savage enough to know whether he is a religious fanatic or not - the way he talks I would have guessed him to be on the heathen / fascist end of the spectrum - but last night he sounded like an extremist far right Christian fundamentalist. His "point" seemed to be that the General loves America and therefore criticizing him for talking religious intolerance while in uniform was great. Savage aimed his comments at "liberal Jews" - appealing to them to support Boykin because the General had pointed out that this "Christian nation" was founded on "Judeo-Christian principles".

I have no doubt the General is a good and loyal American. I don't want him fired. I think he should be taken off the terrorist-hunting job and all Generals ought to maintain a degree of professionalism in uniform. In other words, keep their public mouths shut on politics and religion WHILE IN UNIFORM - REPRESENTING US ALL.

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