Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Rubin Gant Still Boohooing over "Stadium"

I was at a neighborhood conference given by the South and East Association of Tulsa (SEAT) last week and heard former athlete Rubin Gant give the keynote speech. His talk was embarrassingly inappropriate for the occasion. He was supposed to talk about neighborhood improvement and all he could talk about was how he thought Tulsa didn't need an 18,000 seat events center in downtown Tulsa. Got news for you Rubin, the people already voted on it - it's a done deal. Get on with your life.

This guy is president of the Greenwood Chamber of Commerce. For those of you not familiar with Tulsa, Greenwood is adjacent to downtown Tulsa. You'd think this guy would have a clue about what a nearby modern events center ("stadium" to Rubin) would do to boost Greenwood's growth.

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