Thursday, December 11, 2003

OSU Faculty Unhappy with Schmidly's Strategic Plan

The Daily O'Collegian of OSU has a story in today's edition wherein several faculty members describe OSU President Schmidley's strategic plan as a disaster and his administration a "mushroom administration". Good thing those professors are tenured.

As the O'Colly points out, "The university is paying a consultant $150,000 plus expenses to help with the (strategic) planning and $20,000 plus expenses to audit the university's integrated marketing efforts. The consultant, Mary Chicoine, was Texas Tech's strategic planning adviser during Schmidly's tenure there. "

As OkiePundit has previously reported, Schmidley, who came from Texas Tech last year has surrounded himself with old friends and acquaintancesnces from his Texas days. OSU faculty and students report deep frustration over the president's apparent belief that the yokels in Oklahoma need an imported army of Texans to tell them how to run a university.

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