Thursday, December 04, 2003

Senator Shurden does it Again

It seems that Henryetta's State Senator Frank Shurden has come down on the wrong side yet again. He was reportedly the author of a bill that makes it illegal for municipal police to confiscate illegal firearms. The bill was passed by the Oklahoma Legislature and is now the law. The Police say this Shurden Law ties their hands in their effort to crack down on gangs.

Senator Shurden has been bad news for Oklahoma since he was sent to the Legislature. As mentioned before in this blog, this goober has spent his time making a laughing stock of Oklahoma by trying to, among other things, legalize castration of some criminals, defending the loathsome cockfighters, and doing whatever the NRA wants him to do. Now he wants to protect carriers of illegal firearms? And we pay him tens of thousands of dollars for this?

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