Friday, January 23, 2004

Sapulpa Dogfighter

In 2003 a large dogfighting operation was discovered near Sapulpa (Creek County) Oklahoma and the convicted perp is set to be sentenced soon. On Tuesday, February 3, notorious dogfighter James Fiarris will be sentenced for felony dogfighting charges in Sapulpa, Oklahoma. Fiarris pleaded guilty to the felony charges last year, following a lengthy investigation in which authorities found dozens of bloody, scarred fighting dogs on his property, along with dogfighting tools and a bloodied fighting pit. The dogs, which authorities failed to seize during the raid, were later sold off by Fiarris, most likely to other dog fighters and further cruel fates.

For Oklahomans upset with having our state's image tarnished by cruel dogfighting letters to the judge are now needed to ensure that Fiarris does not get off lightly for causing so many dogs to suffer such terrible pain and fear. Respectfully urge the Judge (contact info below) to give Fiarris considerable jail time (he faces a maximum ten years for each felony charge) for his cruel crimes.

The Honorable Donald Thompson
Creek County District Court
222 E. Dewey
3rd Floor
Sapulpa, OK 74066
Fax: 918-227-5030

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