Friday, January 02, 2004

World on Henry

According to the Tulsa World on December 24th:

"(Governor) Henry has been in a sort of Alice in Wonderland since he won the seat in 2002. He wasn't expected to win, he keeps reminding us, and he obviously wasn't prepared to be governor."

The World, a usually pro-Democrat centrist newspaper, has admirably come down hard on Henry and Sen. Stratton Taylor over Taylor's efforts to recruit lawsuits to Oklahoma and Henry's refusal to address the awful publicity Oklahoma is getting as a result AND his refusal to address tort reform. This is very significant since if Henry loses the World's support in the next election he'll have both major papers in the state against him.

As the World states, Henry seems to be a good person but OkiePundit thinks he is not right for the job and that Oklahomans made a big mistake in selecting him. But we didn't have any great choices in the general election. But that's primarilly our own fault for not paying attention.

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