Saturday, February 21, 2004

TechTV Down the Toilet

Even TechTV, the cable network that focuses on computers and new gadgets has succumbed to the need to titillate. I was skimming channels tonight when I zipped across TechTV on Cox Cable and caught sight of a woman's butt pointed provocatively into my living room. What's this? This is TechTV for pete's sake. As a series of butt shots of various women filled my screen I looked for the technology connection. Before I figured it out however the host of the show was showing me upclose photos of human feces in toilet bowls. No, I'm quite serious. The show is called "Unscrewed" and the sleazy host was featuring a website that invites people to "rate my poop". I turned off my TV and sent Tech TV an e-mail.

I don't have a problem with low-brow programming being available to those who specifically want it but I don't want it on the Superbowl halftime, in broadcast TV, or on channels devoted to music, technology, etc. In other words I want to be able to watch some channels without worrying that something inappropriate for my children suddenly pops up.

It also saddens me that networks have a need to be base in order to attract an audience.

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