Monday, March 01, 2004

Swan Brothers Dairy

At a friends recommendation I popped in at the Swan Brother's Dairy in Claremore, Oklahoma today to try the highly acclaimed cheese. I found the dairy near the turnpike exit. As I drove up there was a line of cows being milked behind a glass wall and a bunch of high-tech milking equipment. A sign asked gawkers to be quiet so the cows could maintain their composure. I felt uncomfortably voyeuristic as I watched the cows being milked.

The tiny retail outlet of the dairy had one refrigerated display case but it was full of a variety of pasteurized and unpasteurized cheeses - Colby, Cheddar, pepperjack and the best of all - cheddar curds. I had never tried unpasteurized cheese before but the knowledgeable clerk/owner explained why it would be better tasting than the pasteurized variety. He was right! The cheese was great and so were the prices.

I wonder if grocery stores in Claremore even bother stocking cheese - why would anyone living there want anything other than Swan Brother's Cheese?

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