Thursday, May 27, 2004

Yellow Dogs Out of Date

I received an invitation to attend the "Yellow Dog Celebration" and "old-fashioned fish fry with music" on June 5th at the Ok. Democratic Party HQ in OKC. The logo on the card is of a mean-looking bulldog wearing a spiked collar. This little mailer nicely sums up what's wrong with the Democratic Party in Oklahoma. The Party is dominated by a combination of old-line rural Yellow Dog-type Democrats and a few urban unions. What these people don't understand is that their image does not appeal to urban progressives who are increasing registering as political independents. Those that are registered as Democrats would bolt the party for a moderate third party if one was ever realized. Urban progressives and moderates find the Democrats' embrace of society's pariahs, from cockfighters to trial lawyers, very disconcerting.

As Oklahoma has become increasingly urbanized the Democratic hold on power at the Legislature has slipped to the point that Republicans can easily gain the majority at any time. The Democrats can only look to themselves for blame.

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