Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Bringing Religion to the Forefront in Oklahoma Politics

Bob Anthony has a catchy slogan for his campaign for US Senate. Honesty, Integrity, Anthony has a memetic ring with a message that keys on his reputation for honesty. Better even than "It's Turpintime". Anthony's first TV ad started airing this week and stresses that he is a conservative and a Christian. Trying to out-conservative each other is old hat in Oklahoma but the candidates are growing bolder in trying to out-Christian each other. Kirk Humpherys ad brags about bringing Billy Graham to OKC and now Anthony stresses that he is a strong Christian. In the past the politicos would use codewords such as "family values" to signal their fundamentalist credentials but Anthony and Humphreys are setting new lows for bringing religion into politics. I knew I wasn't going to vote for Humphreys - now I know I won't be putting my stamp on Anthony.

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