Friday, June 18, 2004

Tom Cole Stops the Contest

Okiedoke has the following to say about US Congressman Tom Cole's successful effort to keep is only opponent off the ballot:While I don’t blame Oklahoma’s 4th District U.S. Rep. Tom Cole for using state election law to challenge the candidacy of his opponent, the mere fact that an Oklahoman can’t run for office as an Independent while registered as Democrat or Republican is an example of restrictions that actually detract from a healthy democracy. But worse yet is why Democrats allow this important seat to go uncontested. Do they agree with Tom Cole that much, or are they just so weak as to not have a potential candidate even interested? The only person who dared challenge Cole was another Republican.

Cole, objected to Charlene K. Bradshaw running for his seat because she was a registered Republican that filed to run as an independent. This is a really bad move by history professor Cole. It would appear that he either doesn't welcome even a token contest at the polls or he doesn't believe people have the right to run as independents if they are registered with a party. Either way, it makes Cole look like he cares more about winning than democratic principles.

The travesty is that Oklahoma's Election Board agreed with Cole in the absence of any law that says a person can't run as an independent if he/she is registered with a party. The Board just made up the rule after the fact - at Cole's request!

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