Saturday, August 07, 2004

What is Right vs What is Correct

I recently heard someone (the name escapes me) explain the difference between being right and being correct. Ralph Nader is right to run for president but not correct. The person that may win because of Nader's participation is the "greater of two evils" according to the pundit I was listening to.

This is similar to the conundrum I often find myself in when it comes to deciding who to vote for. As an independent living in Oklahoma I rarely if ever find a candidate I can even agree with on 70% of the issues. Even the "moderates" in Oklahoma are pretty far right as the nation goes. Take Brad Carson for instance. The latest mailer I received from his campaign touts his support of "gun rights" and his support of an amendment to the Constitution to limit marriage to a man and a woman (thus, for the first time putting a limitation on rights in our Constitution). If Brad Carson is the "liberal" in the race where does that put his opponent, Tom Coburn? Pretty much at the extreme fringe of the extreme right. So do I vote for one of these guys?

I learned my lesson in the last presidential election when I declined to vote in that race because I didn't feel comfortable with either major candidate. Declining to vote for someone you don't agree with on some issues may be the RIGHT thing to do but I now see it is not the CORRECT thing to do. Given the current political system, choosing the lesser of two "evils" is the correct choice.

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