Friday, September 10, 2004

Swift Vets and a Swift Kick

Aren't you sick of these people? Fortunately, living in a state no national politician cares about, Oklahomans haven't had to suffer through a lot of their ads attacking Kerry for serving in Vietnam. But we still see a few on cable news networks and I get sick every time. The one I saw tonight attacking Kerry for throwing away some of his ribbons or whatever in a protest over the war was really disturbing. The gist of the ad was "how can you trust a guy who threw away symbols of his country?" As if medals or ribbons were as sacred as the US flag and that demonstrating one's revulsion over the war was unpatriotic!

If you go to the Swift Vets website to find a way to contact them and tell them what nattering nabobs they are you'll find it quite impossible - they don't place any contact info on their site. That is, unless you sign up to receive their broadcast emails - after which their contact info suddenly appears. When I signed my dog up to get their emails I was rewarded with the email address to contact them. It is: So now you can tell ol' Latch you'd like to give them all a swift kick.

Just who are these people anyway? Turns out a bunch of them are old dirty tricks professionals and Republican Party operatives rather than actual swift boat veterans. The Disinfopedia has the straight poop on these folks.

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