Monday, November 15, 2004

The Dirty Goings On in Europe

In our church this Sunday Pastor drew our attention to a recent sinister event in a far off land that was overlooked in large part because of the presidential election in our own land. The Europeans signed a European Union Constitution in - can you believe it? - Rome! His tone conveyed an unmistakable "well you know what this means?"

Before my synapses could fire he continued,"the prophecies are coming true", he orated, "but before the enemy takes Europe there will be a great harvest." At this point, being the novice evangelical that I am, I'm trying to understand the significance of this news.

He goes on - "a man from Poland tried to get God into the European Constitution but he was rejected. A man from Italy tried to get marriage as a union of a man and a woman written into the Constitution and he was thrown out! Europe is going the wrong way but thank God for a country like America that's going the other way."

In doing a little catch-up research after the sermon I found what Evangelicals-in-the-know already know that: Europe is the heart of the Antichrist beast-system of governmental, economic and religious control prophesied to engulf the world. It seems that many among the Evangelicals believe the Bible prophesies that Europe will alse experience a peace process that will initiate the tribulation, which will culminate at Armageddon. This, no doubt, is good news - as Armageddon leads directly to the Rapture - without passing Go. Unfortunately, we have to go through a few difficult times to get to the good times.

Least the Europeans among you get snooty about your sophistication let's see how you Europeans feel about hosting the anti-Christ and hastening the Armageddon cum Rapture? Apparently, Europeans not only know they are hosting the antiChrist, Dr. Ian Paisley knows exactly who it is. Well, at least America does not have a monopoly on religious paranoia.

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