Wednesday, November 10, 2004

It's Just Beginning

Oklahomans are used to receiving unwanted attention to our shortcomings. Everytime there's a big tornado in Oklahoma the national media swoops down and picks out the only toothless hillbilly in the city and asks him to describe the tornado. "Shoot-far! it sounded like a freight train a-comin' through mah trailer home!", the toothless man will say.

Whether it is towns voting to ban dancing, rural judges refusing to enforce cockfight bans, or cow-patty throwin' contests, we always seem to get egg on our collective faces when the national media comes to visit.

Well now the media can stay at home because we are bringing the entertainment to them. Tom Coburn is coming to Washington DC. Sure, he's been there before when he was the 1st District Congressman a few years ago - but no one pays much attention to Congresspeople. Now Coburn is to be our junior Senator in DC and people listen to Senators. Oh **#%.

Coburn isn't even in Washington yet but we are already getting the benefit of his notoriety. Everyone from Pat Buchanan to Jon Stewart have commented on the fun and games the nation can expect from a Senator Coburn. Last night, Jon Stewart's Daily Show had a bit on Coburn's comment about "rampant lesbianism in Southeast Oklahoma". Just think Oklahoma, what we can look forward to now!!

Maybe Tom Coburn will surprise us and shake up the old political system in DC in a good way. Pat Buchanan says the Republican leadership is scared of what Coburn could do to them. I know the feeling.

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