Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Voting is a Breeze in Oklahoma

When I went to vote this morning I had to wait longer than ever to vote - about a minute to get the ballot. I've never had to wait even a few seconds before. I'm outraged!

Oklahoma has the best voting system in the nation - a uniform statewide system of computerized paper ballots. The ballots are easy to understand. We have enough polling places so lines are never a problem. I wish I knew who to thank for this great system.

When I hear of people waiting in lines in Ohio for two hours to vote I wonder how voting can be so screwed up in other places. It's a no brainer folks - just look at Oklahoma. Of course, you'd never do that. The national media certainly never talks about our excellent system when they are doing reports on voting problems. Meanwhile, Oklahomans, are on to other business while the rest of the country stands in line.

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