Saturday, December 18, 2004

Renting a Car in Miami

OkiePundit just returned from a biz trip to Miami, Florida. Nice weather but too much inefficiency. My adventures at the rental car place epitomize Miami for me. To begin with the taxi driver didn't listen to me (English wasn't his first language) and took me to the wrong branch of Alamo. Once inside Alamo it was pure chaos. The lobby looked like a third-world airport just hours before the rebel troops were set to entire the capital city. The lines were long and unmoving. Angry customers were fuming. Cranky bored children were wailing.

It took an hour to get waited on by a dismissive clerk that never acknowledged my existence. When I tried to find my car it was not in the designated slot so I had to re-endur the refugee scene but none of the clerks would help me. They kept shunting me off to someone else and ignoring me as other angry customers vied for their attention. Finally I started yelling at the only managerial-looking person behind the counter and got his attention for a millisecond. He yelled something in Spanish to someone else and they promptly resumed ignoring me.

After a lot more screaming and abominable customer non-service I got a car and left - having wasted an entire afternoon just trying to get a car in Miami.

Now I understand more about the hanging chads.

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