Saturday, January 22, 2005

Sponge Bob Outed by Dobsen

You couldn't have gotten through the week without hearing that a Christian group had attacked our beloved Sponge Bob Square Pants for supposedly promoting homosexuality in a video being distributed to schools. And, if you've been paying attention it should have come as no surprise that it was James Dobson, founder of the right-wing Christian group Focus on the Family, that did the attacking. If you missed the story read what the British Broadcasting Co (BBC) had to say about it.

I watched the video in its entirety on MSNBC and I couldn't find even a hint that the video, created by the non-profit group "We Are Family", had anything at all to say about gay anything. The video promotes tolerance in general - but that must be what the Dobsen-Christians object to. After all, we've got to draw the line on inclusiveness somewhere!

This little episode says a lot about the credibility of Dobsen and his Focus on the Family. It also demonstrates just how wacked out these people are. It should be a wakeup call to reasonable people how dangerous the fundamentalists of all religious stripes are. As we elect people of this ilk to public office we can expect Dobsen-like stupidity to begin to affect all of us. They begin with faith-based initiatives and end up banning harmless cartoon characters. We better stop them now.

In Oklahoma Dobsen's group has an affiliate called the Oklahoma Family Policy Council that is very active in trying to influence state policy. OFPC claims to be non-partisan but a read of their website would leave one with the distinct impression they are heavily involved on the GOP side.

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