Friday, January 03, 2003

New Mexico, cockfighters and Lexus

The following is from the website:

"A bill to ban cockfighting in New Mexico is making promising headway through the Legislature, but is abruptly terminated when state lawmakers, after meeting with generous cockfight lobbyists, suddenly discover cockfighting is an important part of New Mexico's cultural heritage. Three lawmakers put down payments on a new Lexus. New Mexico, having caved once again to the cockfighting lobby, maintains her status as the most stupid state in the nation."

While the cockfighters and the legislators deserve all the ridicule they get, the good people of New Mexico shouldn't be painted as stupid of course. A large majority of Oklahomans had opposed cockfighting in our state for decades while our Legislature and corrupt judiciary ignored the will of the people. The profits from illegal gambling trump the people's will ALMOST all the time after all.

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