Sunday, February 23, 2003

Church muscle fights right to vote

Whether or not one thinks Governor Henry's proposed lottery for education is a good idea or not I can see no reasonable argument against letting the people vote on the lottery question. Yet tax-exempt churches and faith-based (all Christian) organizations have suddenly turned on the squeeze and frightened many Legislators to back away from supporting a bill that would put the matter to a public vote. As reported in a KOTV story the churches are determined to not let the people get a chance to decide. While many of us are ambivalent on the lottery issue we cannot be ambivalent about the citizens right to vote on an issue. The churches are acting in an undemocratic fashion and should be ashamed of their attempt to deny us the right to vote.

Sure, this matter should be decided by our Legislators we elected to represent us but like on many controversial issues, the Legislature wants to punt to the public. Given that, let's do their job for them but lets not let the Baptist Church do it for us.

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