Sunday, February 23, 2003

Tulsa World's Janet Pearson Focuses Attention on Legislature

Janet Pearson, the tireless editorial writer at the Tulsa World, continues to focus attention on the cockfighters' buddies at the Oklahoma Legislature. In the Sunday World she again reveals the underhanded good ol' boy network that has keep the cockfighting issue from being settled. She points out that several urban Senators are voting the cockfighters way, presumably because they are trading their votes on this issue to garner votes on their pet issues. Trouble is, they aren't representing their constituents - which is, after all, what they were elected to do. Citizens are understandably tired of the games Legislators play at the Capitol. Fed-up voters voted in term limits as a result of their disgust. More and more people just don't vote anymore because they have become so disgusted with these Capitol games. The only thing left to do is focus in on the game players like Senators Jerry Smith and Ford of Tulsa with laser-like attention and make them pay at the voting booth.

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