Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Has Gene Stipe finally Slipped Up?

Dustbury shares the opinion of a lot of Oklahomans that Senator Gene Stipe has gotten away with too much for way too long.

It probably wasn't any big surprise that failed Congressional candidate Walt Roberts entered a guilty plea to various
counts of conspiracy; many of us have been wondering just where this good ol' boy was finding all this campaign financing.

Dustbury points us to a cagey article in the Daily Oklahoman that dances around the "McAlester lawyer" that has apparently been implicated in the investigation of Walt Roberts. Could they possibly mean Senator Gene Stipe??!!!

Gene Stipe has wiggled his way out of so many run-ins with the law that you have to admire his intelligence - while hating the way he has abused his power, controlled the Legislature for decades, and generally behaved in an above-the-law sort of way. I remember the times he has been reported to have been stopped speeding or "allegedly" driving drunk and managed to get out of it. He may be the fellow that got a law passed years ago that allows our Legislators to legally break the speed limit if they are going to or from the Legislature.

Senator Stipe hides a sharp mind behind a good ol' boy charisma. You can't help but like him when you are in his company - until you think about all the bad things he has done. His latest bout of underhandedness has him working with the cockfighters to overturn the vote on cockfighting by lowering the penalties to a point that the law is useless. That's just the latest reason to loath what this man has done to Oklahoma.

Very few people are completely without good however and Gene Stipe has probably done good too. He did give over $1 million to put a dome on our Capitol and his name, even if he ends up in a prison, will forever be emblazoned in large letters on the inside lip of the Capitol dome. He might want to take a picture of it.

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