Saturday, March 15, 2003

LaFortune Getting a Reputation...

for allegedly breaking informal understandings and agreements. The street says he gets pulled from one side to another too easily - that he can't make up his mind. Is Tulsa's mayor a flip-flopper? A few people who worked very hard on his interminable series of "Vision Summits" were promised compensation or contracts but after they did the work, nothing was forthcoming. And the mayor didn't let them know - he just ignored them and hoped they'd go away.

The mayor will learn the hard way that treating people that way will not pay off.

Speaking of mayors, we hear complaints about Oklahoma City Mayor Kirk Humphreys' speech engagements. No matter what he's asked to talk about he gives a speech about WalMart's success and adds a pitch for the Billy Graham Crusade coming to Oklahoma City. Humphreys is probably going to run against Brad Henry in 2006. He'll have to learn how to respect his audiences enough to actually talk too them - about their concerns.

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