Saturday, March 29, 2003

War Thoughts

The war protesters aren't standing at the mid-town intersection with signs beckoning war opponents to honk their horns anymore. People remain glued to their TVs, flipping between CNN, MSNBC, Fox and the other news channels with their "embedded" reporters and retired generals-turned-consultants. Even in Oklahoma, where Bush remains popular, co-workers are reluctant to talk about the war except superficially. There's enough people here that are opposed to the war, or the way we arrived at it, there's a chance a conversation could escalate into an argument. Oklahomans don't like arguing. So we avoid deep discussions about it.

Most Oklahomans, even those who, like myself, had serious doubts about the war, think we must now prosecute it successfully and as humanely as possible. We need to get the dictator of Baghdad and his ruthless thugs off this planet. We need to support our troops wholeheartedly. If our leaders have chosen wisely and told us the truth then there will be a time to acknowledge that. If they have lied to us, we will punish them later.

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