Saturday, March 29, 2003

Who is Running Tulsa?

A source tells us that Tulsa's Mayor LaFortune had been in discussions with Kathryn Taylor to play a significant role in his administration. Another source says this role was to possibly take over economic development for the City. The deal was nixed however by US Senator Jim Inhofe who complained to LaFortune that Mrs. Taylor had supported David Walters in his bid for Inhofe's seat last year. LaFortune is said to have buckled under Inhofe's pressure and called the deal off. Within weeks, Oklahoma Governor Brad Henry had appointed Kathryn Taylor to be his Secretary of Commerce and Tourism. Now LaFortune has to work with the lady he dumped because Uncle Inhofe told him to, In fact, Mrs. Taylor could have a lot of say in economic assistance to Tulsa. Those who know her say she is too professional to seek revenge. The mayor should have been so professional.

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