Wednesday, May 14, 2003

The Conspiracy Theorist that has cost Oklahoma Taxpayers $$$$$

Further to the posting regarding the State Auditor and a Mr. Sam Mahjoub, a conspiracy theorist that has harassed various state government agencies for a few years. The Daily Oklahoman claims the man is an Oklahoma exporter but sources at the Capitol say they can't find any evidence that the man makes anything in Oklahoma to export. The man has filed numerous freedom of information filings only to drop the requests after the agencies went to the trouble of counting all the files and estimating the cost of copying. Mr. Mahjoub has made a number of claims of corruption against agencies and individual civil servants. The claims haven't panned out but Mahjoub seems to have no reluctance to smear state workers by name. He has been dismissed by most Legislators and journalists - after claims repeatedly proved groundless. And after they discovered that the man had been trying to get a contract with the state Commerce Department for several years. The conclusion of most was that the man was seeking vengence for being denied a contract. The pity is that some Legislators continue to give the conspiracy theories an ear. Are some legislators really so gullible or are they afraid of the guy? The pity is that Mr. Mahjoub has cost the state tens of thousands of dollars in response time and lost focus and the media has not picked up on the story. Can failed contractor wannabes harass state agencies and smear civil servants and waste tax dollars for years on end?

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