Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Texas Democrats Find Refuge in Oklahoma

Faced with a gerrymandered Republican redistricting plan in Austin over 50 Texas Democrat Legislators made a strategic retreat across the border to Oklahoma yesterday. Incredibly, the State of Texas sent Texas Rangers across the border to try to arrest the Texas Legislators in Oklahoma. At some point it dawned on the Texas Rangers that their law doesn't apply in Oklahoma and they retreated back across the border to Texas without the runaway Legislators. Meanwhile, half the Texas Legislature is meeting in a Holiday Inn in Ardmore, Oklahoma - out of the grasp of the Texas lawmen. Exactly what is illegal about a Legislator not showing up for sessions in Austin escapes me. The Democrats that control the Oklahoma Legislature invited the Texans to come on up to Oklahoma City and be welcomed as heros.

The Texas Democrats say they won't go back to Texas until the Republicans play fair.

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