Friday, June 27, 2003

A Letter from Walter Cronkite

A "personal" appeal from Walter Cronkite arrived in my mailbox today. "Well, it's about time!", I thought to myself. Walter's letter told me of his disapproval of the Religious Right but singled out Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson for attack because they blamed 9-11 on America's ho-hum attitude toward gay marriage, feminism, etc. Walter pointed out that the two Christian Coalition leaders had also, in essence, blamed God for inflicting 9-11 on us in retribution. Walter said he didn't agree with these two characters and said they did not represent most "people of faith" (is this the politically correct way to say "religious folks"?) like him.

Walter was writing on behalf of an organization called the Interfaith Alliance and invited me to contribute to the group's effort to promote an acceptance of all faiths and an agenda of loving kindness rather than a hateful political agenda dressed in religious clothes. Checking the organization's website I see where the Oklahoma City and Tulsa chapters of this group are having a seminar in OKC on Monday, June 29th.

I'm with Walter on this issue with one request - what do they have to say about people of no faith? Do such people exist in equal standing?

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