Friday, June 27, 2003

Hargis Dissed, Biboists Outraged

Biboists in Oklahoma are up in arms over the dissing of Burns Hargis by Governor Brad Henry. As you may recall, Biboists regard the sayings of Burns Hargis as the revealed truth and thus have a high regard for the man that comes to us in the forms of a banker, TV pundit, and Chamber of Commerce official. The offense of the Governor was to agree to appear as keynote speaker at a Hargis-hosted OKC Chamber fund-raising function earlier this year - and then to fail to appear. And to offer no apology, no explanation.

Of course for Henry to fail to show for an event is no great surprise. He does that very often. But, Burns Hargis, was on Henry's Transition Team - a Republican that stuck his neck out to help Democrat Henry. The thanks Hargis gets? Public embarrassment at being stood up by the Governor.

The buzz around Oklahoma is that this governor is the worst in memory at sheer rudeness as exhibited in unkept promises, missed events, very late arrivals, and dissed supporters. Many are overheard saying that the only work this Governor does is to work overtime to rub everyone the wrong way.

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