Monday, September 08, 2003

Israel's Coverage of Gov. Henry's Trip

Brad Henry arrives in Israel today and Israel National News characterizes the trip as a "business delegation". The newspaper identifies the sponsor of the trip as the United Jewish Communities of North America (UJC).

The Henry Administration has not released a list of mission members, with the exception of the Oklahoma Secretary of Agriculture and State Senator Bruce Price, known for his deep interest in Israel. While the mission is portrayed as a "business mission" there is apparently no one from the Oklahoma Department of Commerce or State Chamber on the trip. When asked what business meetings the Oklahoma delegation has in Israel the Governor's office was unable or unwilling to name any. Other sources say that the trip is actually designed as an effort to politically please the Jewish community in Oklahoma more than it is a business mission to develop trade or investment between Oklahoma and Israel. According to Israel's office in New York, Israel is Oklahoma's 39th largest export market. Not exactly a hot market.

Hope the Governor has a nice (4th) vacation.

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