Tuesday, September 09, 2003

The Tulsa Vision 2025 Projects Pass by Wide Margin

As Dustbury noted today regarding the Tulsa vote on Vision 2025 :

For years and years, Tulsa has thought of itself as Oklahoma's Dallas, and that other city down 66 was Fort Worth, nothing more. Tulsa has had better convention facilities, a spiffier downtown, more hotel rooms — and today none of it matters, as a refurbished Oklahoma City shoots for the big time and Tulsa descends into tedious Lubbockhood.

Well, within three years Tulsa will be right up there with the latest infrastructure because the county passed all four parts of the bond issues. Tulsa not only passed all four but passed them overwhelmingly - by margins of 60 - 40. The magnitude of the yes vote far surpassed the margin by which Oklahoma City passed the MAPS project a few years ago. The vote indicates that Tulsans are quite determined to compete.

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