Monday, January 12, 2004

Jerry Falwell wants $75 from me? For Israel?

Knowing that Israel is the number one recipient of foreign aid from the United States ( over $1 billion a year) I almost gagged tonight when I saw Jerry Falwell on my tv asking me to send $75 to the Guardians of Israel to help Israel. Truth be told, Falwell triggers the gag reflex in me anyway, but to hear him and others asking me to send yet more money to Israel was over the top. I think Ethiopia, Haiti etc are full of truly needy, starving people who desperately need help to stay alive. I feel sorry for those who suffer poverty and starvation and I do everything I can to help out, through World Neighbors (based in Oklahoma) and Feed the Children - but Israel has enough money (much of it from US taxpayers like you and me) to take care of its small population. Judging by the jowls on Falwell he's not doing too bad either.

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