Monday, February 02, 2004

Hypo-crisy on the Turnpike

Just days after we blogged about speeding politicians and Highway Patrolmen (Hypo) our pick for the Democratic presidential nomination (Wes Clark) has his convoy stopped by the Highway Patrol for speeding in Oklahoma. It was a top story by the TV "news" in Tulsa - featuring a photo of Wes Clark as if it was he that had been ticketed for speeding. Sure, the Hypo should ticket anyone speeding but the truth is THEY DON'T. The Hypo drives the Governor around Oklahoma with absolutely no regard for the speed laws. You see the Governor's security detail barreling down the turnpikes at 90-100 mph in an unmarked Hypo car on a daily basis. The Highway Patrol ignores speeding Legislators everyday and the Highway Patrol themselves speed in non-emergency situations everyday. That's the hypocrisy of this event that the media gloss over. I wouldn't expect our Sesame Street media to point this out but wouldn't it be nice...

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