Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Wes Clark wins Oklahoma

It was close, but Clark won his first state tonight. This is remarkable for a man that just entered politics five months ago. Okiepundit was at the watch party in Oklahoma City tonight and the atmosphere was electric. Clark's performance keeps getting better every day and the former General's speeches are connecting with those lucky enough to see him in person.

On the downside, listening to most of the media tonight you'd think Oklahoma and Wes Clark didn't exist. The talking heads are talking only about "frontrunner" Kerry and Senator John Edwards. The networks were interviewing everyone but the librarians in South Carolina, Missouri, or Arizona but the Clark event in Oklahoma City was largely ignored by the national media. Fox News Radio repeatedly dissed Oklahoma. Even as I write, early Wednesday morning, CNN is still saying it's "too close to call" in Oklahoma although 100% of the vote was completed hours ago. They can't say enough about Edwards win in his home state of South Carolina but Clark's win in Oklahoma is hardly mentioned. Only WGN Radio in Chicago is talking about Clark's win.

Senator Edwards spent a lot of time in Oklahoma - 14 trips at last count (more than any other candidate) - but still didn't beat Clark here. But all you hear from the national media is about Edward's "strong and surprising showing in Oklahoma". We are left to wonder where the apparent bias comes from?

Maybe the media just loves the Senator's handsome looks - like the Edwards supporters I have met in recent weeks. I ran into several women that said they were voting for Edwards because he was cute. Enough to make you puke isn't it? It is shocking how many dimwits choose their candidates based not on their experience or intellect or stands on issues - but on their cuteness. Senator Edwards is undoubtedly a good and intelligent man but his experience doesn't compare well next to Wes Clark's. While Wes Clark was managing a successful war in Europe, John Edwards was a trial lawyer for Pete's sake.

I didn't know this until CNN mentioned it tonight - that former OU coach Barry Switzer had endorsed Edwards and that apparently helped Edwards in Oklahoma. This is scary if people actually pay attention to what a coach has to say about politics. Switzer was a good coach but (and OkiePundit knows him) he is not one we should listen to on non-football subjects. Switzer endorsed Governor Brad Henry when he was running for governor - and look where that got us.

As I was on the way home after the Clark party was over I stopped in at the Texaco Foodmart where a gap-toothed cashier pointed at my Clark button and said "I was for him until I saw the pictures of him on CNN shaking hands with those terrorists." I looked at her in dismay. I had no idea what this woman was talking about - but I didn't even want to know what foolish ideas must be knocking about in her head. All I could think about was that General Clark spent decades putting his life on the line for this idiot woman that apparently - in her tiny little brain - thought he was buddy-buddy with terrorists. It's a miracle our democracy even functions at all with people like her loose.

Despite the threat people like her pose to our well-being, we still have the least worst system on Earth.

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