Wednesday, March 31, 2004


I received a thick envelope in the mail a couple of weeks ago. Over the glassine address window it alerted me that it was no ordinary junk mail, this was an "official document". The return address was a PO Box number in Oklahoma City. Could I be in trouble with the state tax commission? The Ethics Commission? I better open it. It was from the Humphreys for Senate campaign. I suppose Humphreys and Gaylord THINK their campaign is as good as "official" so why not try to fool people into thinking their junk mail is worthy of official status? After all, they (and Senator Inhofe) seem to expect their self-anointedness to cast a spell over the citizenry and for us to carry out those orders.

In real life I realize such mailings are handled by direct mail companies and Humphreys probably never even saw the mailing envelope. But don't you get tired of this direct mail falsehood? Telling us an "official document" is enclosed when all it is is an appeal for money. That's lying. Politicians should be held accountable for their campaign ethics.

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