Saturday, April 03, 2004

Tom Coburn on Jeff Johnson

I don't even live in Senate District 18 but I received a mailer from the Jeff Johnson campaign that featured a letter from former Congressman Tom Coburn endorsing Jeff because he "is a life long resident of the district, has been a Sunday school teacher, a little league coach, and he supports the right to life, second amendment rights and traditional marriages." While I agree with the right to life part I find it and all of of the other "reasons" not crucial for the job of being a State Senator. By the way, the second amendment is the one that provides for the right of the old militias to bear arms but has been usurped by the gun industry and gun lovers who claim it relates to present day individuals who want to shoot things and people up.

What gets me are the code words these politicians use. "Second amendment Rights" means I'll make sure you get to buy as many lethal weapons as you want and shoot stuff. "Sunday school teacher" means I'm a Christian and I'll push the infidels to the margins of society and let them know this here is a CHRISTIAN nation by God. "Life long resident" means I ain't never gone nowhere and I'll fight to keep our district jus like it tiss. "Traditional marriage" means I hate gays as much as you do and we ain't lettin those perverts do their fornicatin round Oklahoma, by God.

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