Monday, April 26, 2004

Going Too Far

There a new blog in town but if their blog on Senator Jim Williamson is indicative of their MO is doesn't bode well. awards Senator Jim Williamson its "hypocrite of the week" award because he is supposedly a "deadbeat dad" because he was involved in a contentious divorce in the early 90s. At some point during the divorce he was ordered to make child support in arrearages. While OkiePundit believes Senator Williamson, with his anti-gay marriage efforts is guilty of trying to force his and the majority's religious beliefs on others - we think it outrageous to use the terrible contentiousness of a divorce to pin a deadbeat dad label on Williamson. We do not know the circumstances of Williamson's divorce but we do know people get crazy during a divorce and both sides make all sorts of unreliable and vicious assertions during such an emotional time. We just wonder why Senator Williamson doesn't want gay couples to share in the misery.

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