Saturday, May 01, 2004

Listening to KFAQ

Michael DelGiorno of KFAQ radio in Tulsa is no fan of Tulsa Mayor Bob LaFortune. Anyone who listens to KFAQ for more than five minutes will know this. A couple of days ago while on a boring road trip I tuned in and caught the end of a discussion DelGiorno was having with Tulsa Councilman Medlock. Despite DelGiorno's repeated interruptions with angry cuts at LaFortune Medlock made sensible arguments regarding a budget dispute with LaFortune. A major theme of DelGiorno was his raving anger with alledged (and likely) backroom deals mayors and other leaders make and hide from the public. DelGiorno has some good points but the Limbaugh-sized self-importance detracts from his credibility.

Immediately following the interview with Medlock DelGiorno introduced his next guest, US Senate candidate Kirk Humphreys. DelGiorno's gushing intro extended to telling Humphreys he was handsome (and Humphreys agreed and said it was important to look like a leader). What DelGiorno didn't cover in the fawning interview with Humphreys is illuminating. DelGiorno failed to note that former OKC Mayor Humphreys history of backroom deals favoring OKC's business elites (sponsored by the Gaylords of the Daily Oklahoman) makes LaFortune look like a standard bearer for Common Cause. DelGiorno's righteous indignation doesn't spread evenly.

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